At Anchoring Within, online therapy services are available to help you on your journey towards health. You can attend individual, couples, or family therapy in the comfort of your surroundings during a time that is more convenient for you. If you have family members with more complex schedules, they too can join in on our video conference with a simple link.

If you have an appointment, your appointment link is located in the secure client portal. You will be automatically directed to a virtual waiting room where your therapist will be. 

Please be mindful of our late policy. Client tardiness of 10 minutes or more will be counted as a late cancelation. Late cancelations will result in the client (or responsible party) being charged, using the credit card on file, for the full fee of the session ($125). 

E-therapy is currently being provided in the state of South Carolina. If you are living in a different state, and you have generally stable mental health, please consider Life Coaching as a service alternative. Click here for more information.