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Therapy Groups for Parents Only

As our children continue to evolve with each generation, our parenting must too. Otherwise, we risk the most important relationship of our lives. Join a group below if your heart is set on being Beautifully Bonded with your child. 

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Beautifully Bonded

Beautifully Bonded was created and developed by Theresa Gomes, LMFTS, owner and clinician of Anchoring Within. Her goal was to help form safe and secure connections between parents and their children. In doing so, the bond formed is one that is far harder to break. Though conflict is inevitable in all relationship, Anchoring Within believes that each conflict creates an opportunity for each person to grow and stretch their thinking to allow for healthier, stronger connections. Beautifully Bonded is meant to challenge you for within the discomfort we are motivated to change. 

Because it takes a village, this program was forged into fruition by the following community agencies:

Uplift Outreach Center & United Way of the Piedmont.


Nurturing Parenting Program

NPP is a psychoeducational class that also utilizes therapeutic interventions to help at risk families. This evidence-based program was developed by Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D. It has been proven effective in treating and preventing child abuse and neglect. This program is offered to parents, co-parents, and families.​ The Nurturing Parenting philosophy and lessons are developed from years of extensive research based on the assessment of high-risk parenting beliefs and behaviors.​ Parents charged with child abuse and neglect express significantly more abusive parenting beliefs than non-abusive parents. NPP helps correct those beliefs in order to evolve from toxic to nurturing. 

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