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At Anchoring Within, in person and online therapy services are available to help you on your journey towards health. You can attend individual or family therapy in the comfort of your surroundings during a time that is more convenient for you. If you have family members with more complex schedules, they too can join in person or through our video conference with a simple link.

If you have an appointment, your appointment link is located in the secure client portal. You will be automatically directed to a virtual waiting room where your therapist will be. 

Please be mindful of our late policy. Client tardiness of 10 minutes or more will be counted as a late cancelation. Late cancelations will result in the client (or responsible party) being charged, using the credit card on file, for the full fee of the session ($125). 

E-therapy is currently being provided in the state of South Carolina. If you are living in a different state, and you have generally stable mental health, please consider Life Coaching as a service alternative. Contact us for more information.

Trans Care

Anchoring Within was established in 2018 and has been providing LGBTQ+ services to the Upstate since it's opening day. AW is owned and operated by Theresa Gomes. Theresa is a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed clinical supervisor, and certified transgender dignity model provider. She has been providing services to LGBTQ+ persons since 2005. Theresa utilizes empowerment methods that assist clients in making more informed decisions regarding their transitioning journey. This process includes providing each client with information regarding community resources and WPATH.

Anchoring Within recognizes the importance of community and having a “teamwork” approach for each client receiving services. Transgender Care is no different. Client success is often attributed to the teamwork approach due to the level of support that a client gains. With that said, Anchoring Within strives at keeping up-to-date authorizations, allowing us to keep an open-door policy for any providers our clients receive services through.

We take the time to provide the quality of care that each client deserves. It is our belief that each individual determines their gender identity and we are here to provide the validation and support that they need. We recognize that some may experience gender nonconformity and that others may experience a level of distress that meets criteria for Gender Dysphoria. Either way, Anchoring Within is not a “gatekeeper” to any individual wanting to begin their transition.

Each client receiving Transgender Care services may participate in the following at their own pace:

  • Initial Consultation (optional)

  • Mental Health Evaluation

  • Client’s Gender History Questionnaire

  • Address emotional stability and regulation

  • Review of resources to increase social support

  • Thorough review of WPATH Standards of Care

  • In-depth discussion of transition needs

  • Review and sign Informed Consents

  • Review of providers for each step in the client’s transition

  • Follow up to discuss any recommendations that their chosen provider may have

  • Discussion of emotional, economical, and physical support plans

  • Referral letters provided


Before providing a letter of support for a medical transition, we are committed to covering the aspects above in effort to better understand each client’s experience and the goals they are working towards.

Please be aware that as part of our standards of care, Anchoring Within does not produce any reports to track a client’s gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, economic class, etc. At Anchoring Within, each client means more than a number to us. We take pride in offering care that sees beyond such labels.

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